Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Centerpiece Changes

Per usual, I can't just stick with an original idea. If you've followed my blog since the beginning, you remember my first plan for the centerpieces. Well, the topiary centerpiece transformed into this. And now, the alternating centerpieces have transformed into something slighty different. With my original inspiration, we'd be using submerged flowers. I was already struggling to find a relatively inexpensive way to achieve the look I was going for when I decided to change the other centerpieces. With the changes I made, the two options really didn't coordinate at all. Since I'm using tulle in the first centerpiece option, I was trying to think of some way to incorporate tulle into the other option. I somehow came up with this:

 I couldn't seem to get a good picture of it with the flash on

I'm going to use submerged pink tulle (still with a floating candle on top) to tie the two options together. I didn't have any pink tulle on hand, so I just used the white I already had to make sure it would work. We'll still have three vases, so the center vase will have the tulle and the two side vases will have pink beads/pearls at the bottom and ribbon around the middle with a floating candle on top. That way, the beads/pearls that I'm adding to the tulle pomander centerpieces will be similar to the beads/pearls in the vase, and the same pink ribbon will be used in both centerpiece options. I'd already found the two (shorter) side vases we're using on Dollar Tree's website, and I happened to check back and find taller ones we could use for the middle one! I was originally planning on buying the taller ones from Wal-Mart, but we saved money this way, and they work just as well. We'll also be saving a lot of money using tulle rather than flowers.

I'm really excited to see how it all comes together. I'll hopefully be doing a full centerpiece mock-up soon, so I can make sure my vision turns out as well as I'm picturing it. I've also never seen this done before, so I'm glad it'll be totally original! The only thing I still need to figure out is where to buy the floating candles from. Do any of you have suggestions or recommendations? I've found 72 2" floating candles for $35.99 - Do you think I could find them cheaper?

Are you able to stick with your original plans? Or do you find them slowly transforming into something totally different?


  1. Thank you for the dollar tree idea. The vases will be very helpful for center pieces.

  2. I love submerged stuff--looks very cool! Have you already tried the submerged tulle to make sure it stays down there like you want? Don't want that stuff floating to the top and trying to come out and catch on fire. That's just the image I had...I'm sorry! I guess if you have enough to shove in the vase then the tulle might not come out---just try it, let me know so I'm not worried. HAHA Am I a Debbie Downer?! As for the candles, that's pretty cheap. Where did you find them at that price?

    My ideas keep changing. I still wonder what my colors will be!

    P.S. For some reason I can't get my wedding blog website to work when I leave a comment...hmm, not sure why!


  3. @ Jennine - No problem! If you have a Dollar Tree near you, you can have them shipped to the store and you'll only have to pay a 'handling' fee rather than shipping (which would likely be outrageous for glass vases).

    @ Sara - I tried it with white tulle (which is what the pictures are of) and it worked well as long as I use enough tulle. I think it looks like it's floating to the surface in the picture because I didn't cut the piece of tulle (so I could reuse it for something else) so the end is still coming out of the vase. So don't worry! :) The candles are from here: http://www.quickcandles.com/Floating-Candles-White-2-Set-of-72-p/6010_72.htm and don't worry - You'll figure everything out!!

  4. It might be the same one. I can't really tell in the pictures. It was a Christina Wu, style 5560 (I think).

  5. i would like to see more pics of this idea! its a new one! we just did alternating candles and flowers... nothing tooo creative :)

  6. @ Nicole - My mom is looking for pink tulle today (they were out at Hobby Lobby here!) so I should have more pictures in the near future! :)


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