Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Updates

As another weekend approaches (thank goodness - it was SUCH a long week filled with midterms/papers/WORK!), I remembered I didn't update you on my last wonderful weekend! It was SO nice to see my best friend/MOH again, and to get to just 'hang out,' something I obviously used to take for granted. BM S's birthday was lots of fun, and she looked gorgeous! *I bought her a tiara to wear and she rocked it!*

It was so nice to have two of my great friends here on the same weekend (even though BM S lives with me, so she's here every weekend!) My cheeks hurt from laughing so much Saturday night!

Not only were two of my best friends here... My other half was here at the same time! I really don't think it could've gotten much better.

Although we didn't work on any wedding projects like MOH A wanted to, we DID make some wedding related progress! She found her dress! :) And after seeing her in it, I seriously contemplated joining the Air Force to make my body look like that - Ha! :P

We'll (well, my mom will!) be adding some pink fabric at the top so she feels covered and comfortable, and both she and my sister (Matron of Honor) will probably have pink sashes unless I can think of something better to set them apart. I think it'll look great with BM M's dress that I posted about here, and it makes me even more excited to see all 5 of my girls' dresses together!

I hope your weekend was as great as mine! My mom is in town again this weekend because my Grandpa had surgery today (everything went well - Praise God!), so I probably won't be around much. I don't really have any questions for you - Just remember to tell everyone close to you how much you love them! :)


  1. Did you hear the good news? You were nominated for an award! Check it out on my blog silly :)

  2. Thanks, dear! I saw it and I'm SO honored to have gotten the award for the 3rd time - You girls are too sweet!


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