Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photography Details: Part 2

Originally, David and I planned to just have one of our friends who's interested in photography take pictures of our reception after Brandi leaves. I just want some fun pictures of our friends (and us) dancing their (our) booties off! But, then I started thinking that, just in case we aren't able to squeeze in all of the important stuff before our photographer leaves, I'd kind of like to have someone that has some experience with weddings and particularly receptions.

At first, we considered using FSIL's cousins who took David's brother and sister-in-law's reception pictures. They turned out well and were basically what we were looking for:

The Bridal Party dance! David and FSIL's sister look so happy!

David dancing with FSIL during the dollar dance

Me dancing with FBIL during the dollar dance - I have absolutely no idea what we're talking about.

Unfortunately, when I talked to FSIL's cousins, they said it'd be around $400 for the equipment that they'd need to rent and their time. Well, that would totally defeat the purpose of not using our main photographer for the extra time (at $100/hr). So, we looked for a Plan B.

Coincidentally, also at FBIL and FSIL's wedding, we really got to know one of FBIL's groomsmen's wife, Becky. (David knew him really well, but hadn't ever gotten to know his wife). Turns out Becky's totally awesome: she loves to shake her booty with me on the dance floor and is an aspiring photographer! (She just started her business, Stamp of Life Photography, last month!) I've been watching her photography get better and better with each photo shoot since I met her in July. I decided to ask her if she would be interested, and she not only said yes, she said she wanted to do it for free! She's still working on a website for her business, but I've got to share some of her work with you before she gets it up and running!

I can't wait to see the shots she gets at our reception! And she's been going to workshops and improving her technique daily, so I can't even imagine how good she'll be by June! I'm totally confident that we don't need to pay for an additional hour from our main photographer - Becky totally has us covered. What a blessing!

Have you had something just fall into place like that? Did it end up working out even better than expected?

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